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The Secrets Series is centered around Christian attorneys, Kareem, and Marie Johnson who, like everyone, face life’s toughest challenges requiring decisions that ultimately please God. Murder and mayhem with a backdrop of controversial topics force readers to put themselves in the characters shoes. Supporting characters don’t get off the hook, they too face dilemmas on interracial marriage, homosexuality, mental health, bigotry, guilt, greed, lies, and what happens when secrets are divulged.
This native Californian is a natural storyteller. From an early age she dabbled in poetry and loved her creative writing classes. In college, she was a photojournalist for the campus newspaper and later took a job reporting human interest stories for a local newspaper. Each of those news reports sparked her imagination to tell a more intriguing story, but she had to stick with the facts, which lead the reporter into the literary world.
Booker read as much as she could to hone her craft. While books with juicy plots were always the goal, the Christian found vulgar language and racy sex scenes to be a turn off, which became the deciding factor for writing Christion fiction; she was determined to write the kind of story she desired to read and was postitive there were more readers who wanted the same. 
With her God-given talent and formal education, the former model’s first novel took six years to write. Family Secrets (2002), hit the bookshelves as a suspenseful mystery that engaged readers spiritually. Her first book received glowing reviews. With realistic plots and unforgettable characters, her style and timely subject matters became must reads! Encouraged, Booker wrote the sequel, More Secrets (2012). The author managed to create clean fiction that was juicy enough for book clubs to meet, with a reoccurring theme of SECRETS (hence each title). In 2012, Secret Sins launched The Secrets Series, followed by Her Deadly Secret (2019) and then the latest installment, Secrets Never Die (2020).
Booker earned a degree in business communications and has continued studying her craft at various universities. She has been interviewed on radio, local television, and enjoys speaking engagements at libraries, book clubs, churches, and bookstore signings. While her desire is to offer Christians books that entertain while honoring God, she has gone a step further with her Faithful & Fabulous framework that offers women an opportunity to honor their truth and communicate at their highest level of authenticity anchored in faith for drama-free living.
She is married to Harris Booker (35 years) and a member of her church for 20 years. Booker is chair of the Business to Business Ministry and business owner of Your Mobile Notary (2004). Booker enjoys meaningful conversations, reading, writing, learning new things, music, movies, art, and decorating. 
“What you think is how you speak, what you do is who you are!”
  Dana Marie-1988
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